Kappels, Moritz

Moritz Kappels

IT-Mitarbeiter / Webmaster

E-Mail: kappels(at)internet-sicherheit.de


Telefon: +49 (0) 209 95 96 746

Raum: A4.UG.03

GitHub: Mschnuff

Beautiful young man
Moritz Kappels


  • Ethereum Cache Creator (github repository)

    extracting historic data from an ethereum-based blockchain with Web3j/Jupyter Notebook

  • HbbTV Traffic Capture

    capturing encrypted and non-encrypted traffic from the DVBViewer that communicates with various TV-Channels via HbbTV

  • web3py-Test-Contract (github repository)

    determinig the limits of smart contracts in the infura ropsten network using solidity and python

  • BC-Society (github repository)

    blockchain book club

  • Etherum Overview Graphic


    An infographic based on the ethereumbook
  • HbbTV 2022
  • Regional Filter Lists