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Artikel von Kevin Wittek

D. Bothe, L. Lazzati, N. Pohlmann, A.-J. Sinnaeve, K. Wittek: “An SSI Based System for Incentivized and Self-determined Customer-to-Business Data Sharing in a Local Economy Context”, IEEE E-TEMS 2020, Dortmund 2020

K. Wittek, D. Krakau, N. Wittek, J. Lawton, N. Pohlmann: „Integrating bloxberg’s Proof of Existence service with MATLAB”, Journal “Frontiers in Blockchain – Blockchain for Science”, 2020

A. Ionita, N. Pohlmann, K. Wittek, N. Wittek: „Statistical anomaly detection in ETHEREUM transaction graphs”, Konferenzband zum „Scientific Track der Blockchain“, Autumn School 2020

N. Demir, K. Wittek, N. Pohlmann, T. Urban: “Our (in)Secure Web: Understanding Update Behavior of Websites and Its Impact on Security”, In Proceedings of the Passive and Active Measurement Conference 2021

S. Finke, N. Pohlmann, N. Schelte, S. Severengiz, K. Wittek: “A Crypto-Token Based Charging Incentivization Scheme for Sustainable Light Electric Vehicle Sharing”, IEEE -European Technology and Engineering Management Summit, E-TEMS 2021, Dortmund 2021