Vortrag: Maxon16: A Successful Power TAC Broker


International Workshop on Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce and Trading
Agents Design and Analysis (co located with the International Conference on
Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems)

Datum/Ort: May 09, 2017 in São Paulo 
Titel: Maxon16: A Successful Power TAC Broker
Tobias Urban (Institute for Internet-Security, Westphalian University
of Applied Sciences, Gelsenkirchen); Wolfram Conen (Westphalian University of
Applied Sciences, Gelsenkirchen)
Renewable and sustainable energy production by many small and distributed
producers is revolutionizing the energy landscape as we know it. Consumers
produce energy, making them to prosumers in the smart grid. The interaction
between prosumers and other entities in the grid and the optimal utilization of
new smart grid components (electric cars, freezers, solar panels, etc.) are
crucial for the success of the smart grid. The Power Trading Agent Competition
is an open simulation platform that allows researchers to conduct low risk
studies in this new energy market. In this work we present Maxon16, an
autonomous energy broker and champion of the 2016’s Power Trading Agent
Competition. We present the strategies the broker used in the  final round and
evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies by analyzing the tournament’s